About Socks 4 Sisters

Providing fuzzy comfort since 2014


Being diagnosed with breast cancer is overwhelming. There's so much to learn and take in. There are endless doctor appointments. For many, it is the start of a long road that may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and more. 


Socks 4 Sisters donates socks to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients to help them keep warm during treatment and at home, and to remind them that they are not alone in their journey. 


The socks are distributed directly to patients at treatment centers and hospitals throughout the area. Our organization operates strictly on your donations, whether you choose to donate socks or the funds to buy them. 100% of monetary donations are spent on purchasing socks. 

Socks for Sisters was launched on the West Coast in February 2014, in memory of Bonnie Acker and based on her organization, The WOOL Fund: Warm Out of Love.  Since then, additional chapters have been starting across the nation. The Maryland chapter, the first Socks for Sisters on the East Coast, began in June 2014.


My Story

My name is Eve Lader, and I am the President of the Maryland chapter of Socks for Sisters. As a two-time breast cancer survivor, I am especially thrilled to be involved with this organization. I hope that through your generous donations, we can bring a bit of comfort and some joy to patients during a very stressful time.


My story began in June of 2011, when a routine mammogram showed something questionable. I was sent for an MRI. It was the luckiest day of my life. They found I had breast cancer. I quickly had surgery, followed by months of chemotherapy and radiation.


I continued to get my annual screenings. In June 2013, after a clean mammogram and a fight with my insurance company to get an MRI, that MRI found a new cancer in the same breast. This time around, I had a bilateral mastecomy, followed by chemotherapy.


I've learned a lot during my journey. I cherish every day and every moment with my wonderful family. I take nothing for granted. And I appreciate the opportunity to help others through Socks 4 Sisters. Please join me. 

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